Thursday, June 7, 2012

May/June b'day celebration and farewell for........

Alahai Sedihnya rasaaaa.....
Betul ke...? betul ke e-mel yang baru kuterima ini....?
Betul ke nama aku tuuuuuu.....?
Bacalah sendiri ek.........

Dear All,

The May/June birthday celebration will be held together with Puan Liliwati’s farewell as per details below:

1. Date : 12 June 2012 @ Tuesday

2. Venue : Finance Department area

3. Time : 1.00 pm (lunch break)

4. Menu : Nasi Bukhara Ayam plus pot luck variety (preferably desserts)

To all May and June birthday girls n boys - blow the candle and make a wish! :)

To LiliwatiBon Voyage :( and may your future path full of colours with extra joy and happiness

Zabidah Othman

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